For The Betterment Of The Community

We Believe In Doing Good Through Charity

We organize fundraising programs and accept donations for needy people.

Jaylon Craig Charity Organization believes in good causes with the goal of supporting people & strengthening the community.
We pride ourselves on contributing to organizations that impact our communities. Your contributions help us make a larger impact.

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About Jaylon Craig

CRAIG, Jaylon – Passed away unexpectedly due to an accident with drowning on Sunday June 27, 2021 at the age of 17, Beloved son of Jimmy and Sonia Craig. Loving brother of Yonnell (Tyrone) Craig-Adams, James Craig Jr., Akeam Craig and Khalia Craig. Caring uncle to Shayanne, Shariah, Tyrell, Jahmel and Elijah.

One of the best ways to remember a loved one is to talk about them. Today we talked about and celebrated the life of Jaylon Craig.

The Jaylon Craig Charity Organization (JCCO) was formed to be an active member of the community like Jaylon was, and award academic scholarships/bursaries to eligible recipients. Through their actions his memory will live on.

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Jaylon was a student at St. Paul`s High School and was a member of the basketball team. In his spare-time he enjoyed music and creating beats with his electronic equipment. Jaylon will be remembered by his many friends at St. Paul and A.N. Myer for his sense of humour and for his style of dressed, he loved to dress in the colour red! He will be especially missed by his girlfriend Charlize Knott.

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Jaylon was a passionate and enthusiastic student at St. Paul’s High School. He was very involved in his school and was a member of the basketball team and the wood-crafting class. He had a strong passion for music, and he created beats that made many happy.

Jaylon will be remembered by his many friends at St. Paul and A.N. Myer for his sense of humor and for his fashion style. He will be especially missed by his families and friends, Jaylon knew how to make a fashion impact and frequently dressed in red as it was his favorite color.

JCCO Event Calendar 2023

Upcoming Events

June 10th
Rummage Sale & Community BBQ (FREE)
Event Timing: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
July 7th
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What We Do?
What Are We Working For?

Our goal is to impact our community

By collaborating to fill in the gaps, raise awareness, and promote and advocate for youth's right to education.
Jaylon Craig Charity Organization advances the common good in communities. One of our primary focuses is on education- we assist those who wish to attend a post-secondary institution by offering and awarding scholarships to qualified recipients.

Fundraising & Donations

We perform our charitable activities through fundraising and donations.

Scholarship Opportunities

Awards such as scholarships promote further education & better life.
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Get Involved

We will continue to support other communities by accepting donations, non perishable items, Clothing, gift cards

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Our Activity

begins with us


We are aware of the talent within our community and understand that one of the barriers to education are lack of financial mean.

We aim to fill the gap by granting our youth the opportunity to achieve their dreams with grants or scholarships. Our organization is committed to changing the odds to provide our community the support it deserves.


Our organization is committed to making an impact in many ways! We are accepting donations of freshly laundered clothing. During each season, our organization will be updated highly sought out items that are needed.

Visit our website under the “Donate Clothing” and see the items we are in need of. Have other items you want to donate not on our website? Fill out a contact form and we would be happy to discuss your ideas!

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Charitable Acts

Providing Financial Assistance For Post-Secondary Education

At Jaylon Craig Charity Organization, equity, diversity, and inclusion have always been the key pillars of our charity programs. We continue to be deeply committed to supporting and empowering youth through our charity programs.

We organize fundraising events and accept financial donations to provide scholarships for post-secondary students. We also support community organizations.

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How Do We Work?

Community Centers

We encourage community centers and volunteers to organize charitable programs for the betterment of the community.

Our Approach

At Jaylon Craig Charity Organization, our approach is all about supporting people and encouraging others to do the same.

Focused Support

Jaylon Craig Charity Organization is dedicated to supporting the emerging needs in the community & strengthening them.