Jim Diodati the Mayor of the City

Jim Diodati the Mayor of the City of Niagara Fall, Ontario together with the MP Tony Baldinelli, MMP Wayne Gates, staff, colleagues and other members of City Hall attend a well planned unveiling of a plaque, bench and planting of a tree in the honour of Jaylon Craig. It was well attended by family, friends and surrounded neighbours and some candidates that was running for election. Jaylon was loved by all, his friends and family and many who did not know him personally but came into contact with him. It was a great honour to see the well turned out event. A well known family friend Alicia Vianga spoke eloquently about the life of Jaylon on behalf of the family. Father Paul gave his blessings, while the Mayor Jim Diodati spoke on behalf of the City of Niagara Falls and their commitment from day one after the sudden passing of Jaylon to do something in his name and they did one year after his passing. Jaylon will be missed by all.